Kia Orana, Pacific greetings and welcome to whoever we have the pleasure of hosting on our humble page.

We are females that bore our brothers when our sisters and girl cousins aren’t around. More specifically we are two young Pacific women, who have always been inspired by the conversations we have with our cousins, aunties, mother, grandmothers, teachers, friends and sisters.

Over time we’ve realised that these conversations aren’t just random talking, and often get recounted while we’re chatting to colleagues, study groups, randoms on the street, – ‘…oh yeah, me and my cousin were talking about that just the other day.’

Single children in the Pacific are a bit of an anomaly. Don’t get me wrong, I have met them. Correction, I have met him. I only know one Pasifika person who is an only child. And despite being the only son of his parents, he has his cousins who he considers his brothers, not to mention his Church community and of course, his actual cousins.

The point is.. in Pacific communities, you’re never alone. Even if you don’t have brothers and sisters, you have cousins. And if you think you don’t have cousins.. you’re wrong. I refer to childhood-friend-of-different-ethnic-origin-A who once asked me ‘Is he your real cousin, or your Church cousin?’; we have inbuilt friends and relationships. We also have inbuilt conversations and ‘healthy discussion’. We want to document those here, thus, the name of the blog.

So again, welcome. Welcome to me&mycousin. We are thankful to have you and we will try to leave you entertained and thinking.

Koe kia!

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