Te Maeva Nui

Last year a couple of my girls were in the Cook Islands around this time celebrating nothing in particular. They came back gushing about how beautiful Rarotonga was and how gracious the people were with their time and their hospitality. They even came back with an adoptive Cook Islands Maori mother (shout out to Mama Mona).

It’s this beauty of culture and landscape in the Cook Islands that will be celebrated this week with Cook Islands Constitution Day celebrations. The current political standing in the Cook Islands is that they are a parliamentary democracy and have free association with New Zealand, making them automatic New Zealand citizens.

Up until August 4 1965 when they received self-governing status, the Cook Islands were under British rule, and then a British protectorate and then a New Zealand protectorate. Since then the 15 islands have been celebrating their own constitution through the Maeva Nui which literally means ‘great celebration’ in Cook Islands Maori. This year is no exception, but seeing as how it also coincides with Cook Islands language week celebrations in New Zealand, this week will be a Cook Islands filled one for me&mycousin. The video above gives us an idea of what has already happened in the Cook Islands to celebrate.

Aere ra!

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