What I Learnt in Fiji..

A few years back I was lucky enough to be sent to the beautiful islands of Fiji for a work trip. On this trip I discovered a lot about the island nation that I didn’t know; the extensive and beautiful landscape, an unmatched hospitality from some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met (Fijians are officially the happiest people in the world), the kava.. and the Pure Fiji skin care range. From the first time I tried the White Gingerlily Sugar Rub – still my all time favourite – I was a fan. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t encountered the range before, as if someone had been trying to hide it from me. And each time I’ve gone back to Fiji since I’ve been taking a shopping list from the other girls in the office, all with their Pure Fiji orders.

The best body scrub in the entire world

For those of you who don’t know, Pure Fiji is a luxurious, eco friendly and locally owned skincare range which has become one of the nations most successful exports in the last decade. Their range has continued to grow bigger and better and I was so excited to recently learn that they are now stocked in Australian department store powerhouse – David Jones. This is important because it means that 1. I don’t need to purchase a ticket to Fiji to stock up and 2. the girls from the office can buy their own Pure Fiji.

Pure Fiji are also a brand with a conscience. They are seriously dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. Pure Fiji have asserted that all exports are carbon offset, all packaging is bio-degradable, and all products are also greywater safe. Botanical ingredients like nut oil is wildcrafted which means that the ingredients are picked from their natural habitat as opposed to being cultivated for produce. They use PET bottles meaning they’re made from recycled materials and products are packaged using handmade paper and woven gift baskets made by local women. All of this is not only good for our environment but has also become a reliable source of income to people in rural areas. The Pure Fiji factory in Suva also employs a number of Fijian people, providing a vital source of income for a large number of families. Pure Fiji also provides scholarships to primary and secondary school students, they have put business development and mentoring programmes in place with local communities and they have been recognised by the True Pacific initiative created by the New Zealand Government.

The Beautiful Pure Fiji handmade paper packaging
More Pure Fiji goodness
My cabinet full of Pure Fiji.. I may have a problem

Basically Pure Fiji is my definition of a beautiful business. One of the things I personally love most about the brand is the connection you feel to the people knowing that Pure Fiji have taken every step they can to ensure the real people of Fiji are involved in bringing you this beautiful product. It’s something I definitely feel you won’t get with other big brand names in your local supermarket or department store. So next time you’re in Fiji or at a local stockist, make sure you don’t miss out on Pure Fiji.

To learn more check out the below video or visit their site at the below link.

Site Link: http://www.purefiji.com/


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